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Stay Focus Sports Drink
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Stay Focus Sport Drinks,
the athletes'favourite!

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Even more effectient with the addition of sea salt, natural flavor without artificial sweetener, and only 118.87 Kcal per sachet.
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Stay Focus ensures
proper hydration,
mental balance,
concentration and endurance.

How to use Stay Focus?
You find Stay Focus during the major international competitions, within major shooting clubs, with our dealers and present on the SPA race circuit.

Calm, focus and endurance !

“Stay Focus is an essential component in the preparation for competitions at any level. Hydration is paramount and it helps me prepare for optimal performance in all my events. It’s perfect that I can take it everywhere with me when I travel, Stay Focus tastes good and has significantly fewer calories than most of the other comparable drinks. I am delighted and proud to have been involved with Stay Focus since the very early stages as it promises to be an incredible journey into the world of sport and industry."

George Digweed’s signature

By George Digweed MBE, 26 times world clay pigeon shooting champion.

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Thierry de Latre du Bosqueau

"Like any top-class competitor, I need to be in control of my mind and body to achieve the best results! Stay Focus is the ONLY solution and it couldn’t be easier! If you are travelling to an international championship you take 10 sachets of Stay Focus (33g) with you to make 10 bottles of concentration-enhancing energy drink ... in fact a minimum of 8 is all you need to get you through.

Stay Focus comes in very easy-to-use packaging. Simply dilute Stay Focus in a standard 500ml bottle of water you can find anywhere. It’s sometimes difficult to get hold of an energy drink and they don’t always taste that great.

Stay Focus has all the ingredients you need to hydrate, replace the mineral salts lost through perspiration and maintain focus for the full duration of the event. This is why Stay Focus is THE ideal drink. It’s the obvious choice and highly recommended for all other sports!

From one sportsman to another,"

By Thierry de Latre du Bosqueau, twice European champion, winner of the World Cup, many times Belgian champion – Sporting and Compak Sporting.

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Why choose
Stay Focus ?

Sports men and women at all levels choose Stay focus energy drink because it :

• Hydrates

• Improves concentration

• Reduces fatigue

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