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Stay Focus is a concentration-enhancing high-energy sports drink. It:

  • maintains optimum focus,
  • boosts energy, revitalises,
  • improves endurance and sustains performance,
  • replaces mineral salts,
  • rehydrates,
  • reduces fatigue,
  • and last, but definitely not least, it is very low in calories.

It is the ideal drink to support the physical effort required in sport and high-concentration games such as clay pigeon shooting, Ball Trap, tennis and golf. It is perfect for any sport which demands high levels of concentration for varying lengths of time and is also great for chess, on-line gaming and other amateur pastimes,...

Stay Focus is specifically targeted at sports men and women of all ages who need to stay calm, maintain optimum focus and increase and sustain their endurance levels.

This high concentration energy drink should be diluted in 470 ml of water. The branded 500 ml Stay Focus bottle comes free with the purchase of 3 display units (90 sachets plus 9 free).

Ingredients list and nutritional analysis :

Stay Focus is intended as a nutritious drink. It contains ingredients selected for good hydration, mental balance, energy, focus and endurance.

  • Magnesium / vitamins B3/ Vit. B12 / Vit. B6 / Vit. C :
    • Promotes psychological functioning
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Ensures performance, endurance and concentration
  • Vitamin B5 :
    • Anti-stress properties
  • Zinc :
    • Promotes normal cognitive functioning
  • Zinc / Vitamin A :
    • Supports normal vision
  • Ashwagandha (Indian Red Ginseng) :
    • For mental health and stress management (relaxation properties)
    • Optimises concentration and helps reduce fatigue
  • Camellia sinensis – green tea extract :
    • For mental and cognitive health
    • Improves mental and physical capacities
    • Aids concentration, cognitive performance and mental alertness
  • Sea salt :
    • High content of minerals and trace elements
    • Keeps water in the body and affects many metabolic functions
  • Saccharose :
    • Provides the energy boost you need

Comparative table of 500ml Stay Focus Sports drink with 500 ml moisture drinks of the same type
Comparative table Stay Focus Drink 1 (of the same type) Drink 2 (of the same type)
Sugar 29,52 g 53 g 31,50 g
Calories 118,87 Kcal 210 Kcal 132,5 Kcal
Energy value 505 KJ 880 KJ 560 KJ

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